K Drama Review

Sorry everyone for being late, I applied for a full time position at my job and I have been working late recently.

I am going to be switching things around by doing a review today on a Korean drama I have been currently been watching. I recently got back into watching asian dramas. I normally only watch them when I sick, but I picked them up again.

Today, I will be reviewing the first episode of Doctors aka Doctor Crush. This is a new drama that came out earlier this year. It has twenty episodes all which are an hour long and I will be reviewing all the episodes. It is considered a romance and medical drama with some comedy on the side.



Ha Myung-hee


Oh Choong-hwan


Kim Rae-won as Hong Ji-hong

Park Shin-hye as Yoo Hye-jeng

Soon Kyun-sang as Jung Yoon-do

Lee Sung-kyung as Jin Seo-woo

Episode synopsis:

It is Yoo Hye-jeng’s first day as a doctor at Gookil Hospital. Flashback to when she was a delinquent in high school and meeting Hong Ji-hong changes her life.


The first episode does a wonderful job at opening up the drama for the person watching. While you might not know who the characters are and what role they have in the drama, watchers do get insight on who they are as a person before they meet Hye-jeng. Watchers also see how Hye-jeng changes the dynamic at school and at Granny’s house. While we do not know how much time has exactly passed; I assumed it was three to four days in episode one, Hye-jeng’s relationship with Granny is gradual and expected from someone who just moved in.

The suspension of disbelief is there and the storyline of every character we meet is believable to an extent. Park Shin-hye’s acting is well done and how she portrays the anger, hate, and emotional conflicts inside her makes watchers feel for her character. I cried, I felt like I was crying with her. The dialogue is well done and never feels out of place for each character. Everyone does a wonderful job at pulling watchers in fore more.

I am excited to see how these characters will develop and grow with each other in the environment that they are in.

What if I Just Don’t Have it in Me?

A week ago, I made the hardest decision to officially drop out of college. Right now, I decided to put my educational journey of becoming a librarian on hold. I did not drop out because school was hard. I was stressed and I no longer like going. Part of that was me still coping with my depression spells. It seems that lately it has been harder and harder to climb out of the dark hole I fall into. I have been doing my best.

Right now, this break lets me recenter myself and focus on what I really want out of life. While I want to go to school and get a degree, I wonder if right now is my time. I will take it one step at a time and go at my own pace. I did plan to go on trips either in November or December to leave out of country and I cannot do that while in school. I guess I could, if I took online classes, I could travel and still work towards my degree. Things to think about either soon or in the early future.

I partly regret dropping out because I feel like I gave up for my mental health. Although, I could be using my depression as an excuse to not go to school anymore. Getting a degree and an education was a passion of mine. I am filled with conflicting emotions. What if I am not going to school for me but because my parents really want me to? Maybe the only reason they are supporting my dreams of becoming a Librarian is because, I would be the “highest” educated in my family.

I cannot be anyone but me, so please do not live vicariously though me. I know how much it means, but I will always be doing my own thing. 


Hello all.

After a long conversation with my boyfriend, I decided to start a blog. Why? I have always wanted to be a writer, and I have not spent the time on myself to find out what I want to do in writing, exactly. So, I thought that starting a blog about my life and interests would help me discover what I would like to do.

I would like to welcome you to my blog, so let me introduce myself to you.

My nick name is Em, which is short for Emery, which is also short for, Evan-Marie. Call me whatever is easiest for you since, at my day job, I have about five different nick names.

I like to play video games, mainly PC games right now, but I do bounce between PC and console. I own almost every gaming system, except the old school systems; example: Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Sega, and Atari. I do not do much on portable gaming but I do own a Nintendo 3Ds for Pokemon. I grew up in the 90’s, so Pokemon is close to my heart.

I occasionally read; I used to love reading when I was growing up, but life has put me in a weird spot with books right now. Well, no, that is a lie, actually, I am a bit too busy to read. No, that is a lie too. Reading is not on my priority list of things to do. I want to read more. I like: fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and some romance. So if you know any good books, please let me know, I will try my best to squeeze them into my life and read them. I am serious, I think I need a good book to get me back into reading.

Some of you out there may not consider manga real books since they are technically considered comics, but I enjoy reading them. I love the characters, personalities, and drawing of each artist. I enjoy and appreciate that part of the Japanese culture. It also, shows what it is like growing up in a different country.

I love and adore cats! I have considered becoming a crazy cat lady when I am old and retired. I am still deciding how many cats I would like to own at once. I am in between owning three or enough for a meowtain of them. Right now, one kitten is enough to contain my cat love.

I know with blogging, there should be some sort of consistent update. So here is my plan. I will update this blog twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. I did not want to write just personal entries. I was thinking of just writing whatever interesting idea came to mind. Which brings me to why I introduced myself. I think it is important for people who will read this to get to know me on a somewhat personal level so I am sharing what I enjoy in life and in my free time. Also, it gives the reader, you, and idea of what might be in my future posts, so, if you like or share one or a couple of my interests, I hope you will stick around so we can discuss and share ideas on that topic.

Hopefully this was not too long for a TL:DR.

Thank you for your time,