Extending Myself to Grow

The title is too fancy for what I am about to talk about, but I have always seen learning extending oneself into growing essentially. I do not know about you, but when I learning something new it feels awkward and uncomfortable. I have described this to many people and they say that those feelings are all part of learning. We feel awkward and uncomfortable when learning something new because we can lack confidence or even just feel unsure. I think that confidence comes with time, while some can fake it till they make it. I am picking up another skill which is still up for debate if its a life skill. Life skill, is a skill that the general human population should know how to do; i.e, learn to swim.

It has been a month since a manual car became my daily driver. Yesterday, I was finally able to get on the freeway and exit without crashing, cursing, or even crying…metaphorically. This experience of driving a manual car has been an adventure of some sorts. While I can get from point a to point b and some may say well you already got it down; I have not mastered the skill of driving a manual. Also, I am still really scared to drive on the freeway, I have no clue why.

The month that I have been driving a manual has been a difficult one because I actually do not like driving manual. I do not like the added work of driving a car and it does not help that I hate driving. I still do not understand how it is “safer” car to drive because I have more control. I feel that with a general understanding of how a manual works, I still do not know enough to have the ability to control my car if something like an accident were to happen. No matter how uncomfortable I am with it though, it will become comfortable, one day-hopefully. Which is why I am going to continue to drive this horrible manual car until I become content and comfortable driving.

Anyone learning a new skill, idea, concept, or work flow, keep at it, the awkwardness and uncomfortableness is just your mind not used to working in that way. It is like working out, once you start your body aches because those muscles have not been used in a while or stretched properly. The truth is that being comfortable sets in after you allow yourself to expand with an open mind.