BAR Con Episode 3

BAR Con: Booze Anime Rock!

Come and join the fun on the first Thursday every month, you get to collet pins, enjoy some speciality drinks, anime, and live music.

Cowboy Bebop and Gantz:O play on two television as the last television is reserved for retro gaming. People get ready to battle each other in Street Fighter, there are rules though, winner must have a drink to stay.

The bar fills and Anime Trivia starts as the three contacts take the stage and answer questions to gain points. The first round is before Ayakashi goes on stage.

Ayakashi has a grand opening and this is my first time hearing them. The crowd seems to be enjoying them as am I. Tonight I am chilling with Law and Cameron, the bassist and guitarist from Phoenix Ash, they are not playing tonight but helping run the convention.

I am keeping track of the raffle tickets by handing them out to the people that come in. At the end, there is a drawing and there is a chance to win some pretty neat prizes.

Round 2 of Anime Trivia begins and the contestants come back on stage to battle it out for points.

Super Soul Bros joins the stage after Round 2 of Anime Trivia. They are a jazz band that plays covers for anime and games. They are amazing, I really like jazz music and I like how they infuse anime and game songs. I get their card to look them up later and give it to Law.

I play a round of the zombie board game and I have to drink three glasses of water since I do not drink alcohol. I tie with Jonathan, who mans the booth, and another player, after I roll the round is over and we drink. I pretend to hold a drink and toast it to everyone that is playing.

The last round of Anime trivia is on which means BAR Con is coming to an end. I break away from the game and bring the tickets to the stage for the raffle. The grand prize for the raffle is a plush Mew from Pokemon with a Pokeball.

The last event of BAR Con, is the DJ breaking it down for them party people who love to dance. I help take down the BAR Con items while the music plays and people are dancing, enjoying themselves.

I am very thankful to be apart of this event by helping out and watching people enjoy themselves by the people who are also apart of the event. Thank you for the bands that come and play.

If you like booze, anime, and or rock, come join us on the first Thursday of every month in San Jose, CA. Preorder tickets online or buy them at the door! More information on the event in the link.